Beginning as a tiny 10-watt station back in 1972, KEXP has grown over the years into an innovative, influential cultural force in the Seattle community and beyond.

  • KEXP has been on the air since 2001. Our previous incarnation was KCMU-FM which went on the air in 1972.
  • More than 180,000 listeners tune in each week
  • Nearly 12,000 listeners are supporting members of KEXP
  • More than 300 volunteers & interns contribute approximately 8540 hours to KEXP each year
  • Over 200 businesses support KEXP through donations and underwriting
  • KEXP sponsors and promotes more than 150 events annually
  • KEXP’s music library has more than 24,000 CD’s
  • KEXP.ORG has More than 75,000 unique visitors per week
  • More than 10,000 people stream KEXP everyday
  • There are over 250 live performances each year in the KEXP Studios. It’s not that uncommon for 3-4 in a single day
  • The ‘EXP’ in the KEXP call letters refers to the “experimental” nature of service.

Where does KEXP get its funding? KEXP license is help by the University of Washington, with an Executive Board of Directors, and an Advisory Council. KEXP is not affiliated with a public television station. In 2004, the majority of KEXP’s funding – 45% – comes from Members like you. Local businesses make up 21% of funding, and 33% comes from other sources.

What is KEXP’s relationship with the Experience Music Project? KEXP, the University of Washington and the Experience Music Project share the same values and educational, preservation and outreach aims. In conjunction with the EMP relationship, The Allen Foundation for Music has provided funding since 2001 for four years. Through collaboration between UW, KEXP 90.3 FM and EMP, the Foundation’s grants have been used to support music education and public programs.

How do the public radio services NPR, PRI and KEXP differ? National Public Radio, based in Washington, DC, is radio production and distribution company for news, information, entertainment, and music programs including flagship programs, Morning Edition, and All Things Considered. Public Radio International, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, distributes public radio programs such as This American Life to stations worldwide. American Public Media is also based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and produces and distributes programs like A Prairie Home Companion. All three are not for profit organizations. KEXP’s programming is all produced locally, and we don’t broadcast any programs from any of these organizations. To hear NPR, PRI, and APM programming in Seattle, you can tune in to KPLU FM 88.5 and KUOW 94.9 FM, and KBCS 91.3FM

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