10:02 am
El Perro Del Mar: Party
El Perro Del Mar

El Perro Del Mar is my new favorite new artist. El Perro Del Mar (nee Sarah Assbring) is a Swedish singer/songwriter whose style is very reminiscent of 1960s French pop. Her first LP El Perro Del Mar (released in 2006 on UK label Memphis Industries) can be described as “low-fi Phil Spector”, a wall of sound built with minimal materials. “My aim is to create a very complex and significant world of sound,” El Perro said in an interview with Independent Culture. “I’m also very interested in timeless qualities in a song and production so I tried to study the means to create that kind of feeling as well.”

10:08 am
Justin Sconza: The First Time
Paint By Numbers

10:09 am
Ono: Sisters O Sisters
Yes, I’m a Witch

Goodness gracious I love Ono’s new album, a collection of remixes from artists like Le Tigre, Peaches, Polyphonic Spree, The Flaming Lips and more. Only Yoko’s original vocals were used in the remixes and the artists created entirely new backing tracks. “Sisters O Sisters” is my personal favorite, but “Everyman…Everywoman” by The Blow Up is a close second.

10:12 am
Hot IQs: Duck and Cover
Dangling Modifier

10:16 am
Wolfmother: White Unicorn

10:17 am
The Pale Pacific: Tied to a Million Things

10:24 am
The Love Lights: Harder To Attack
Problems and Solutions

The Love Lights is a local Bellingham band made of an ensemble of “guitars, basses, drums, synthesizers, trumpets, steel drums, saxophones, accordions, glockenspiels, French horns, sleigh bells, tambourines, shakers, maracas, hand claps and lots of voices.” Their first LP Problems and Solutions is a fun, cute album, full of hand claps, pop, and adolescent love and squalor.

10:25 am
Dirty Faces: Dead Man’s Boots
Get Right With God

10:30 am
Of Montreal: Gronlandic Edit
Hissing Fauna Are You The Destroyer?

10:34 am
James Brown: I Got You (I Feel Good)
Millenium Collection

10:36 am
Yes, Oh Yes: Portland
The End EP

10:39 am
Swan Lake: Widow’s Walk
Beast Groans

10:42 am
Miho Hatori: Barracuda

10:47 am
Deerhoof: + 81
Friend of Opportunity

10:50 am
The Streets: When You Wasn’t Famous
The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living

10:53 am
Frida Hyvonen: You Never Got Me Right
Until Death Comes

Whatever the reason, I have been profoundly more interested in female artists. Perhaps it is the influx of a number of great new albums in the KUGS studio, including The Blow’s Paper Television, Miho Hatori, El Perro Del Mar, Yoko Ono, Haley Bonar and, last but not least, Frida Hyvonen. Yet another Swedish singer/songwriter, Frida’s voice is akin to Joni Mitchell and the strength of Until Death Comes, released by Licking Fingers, lies in its “plainness and truth” (All Music Guide). Frida washes upon our shores on March 21, 2007 at 8 p.m. to play at Chop Suey in Seattle, Washington.

10:55 am
Henrik Schwarz: Bird’s Lament
DJ Kicks

11:00 am
Norah Jones: Thinking About You
Not Too Late

11:02 am
gwEm and Counter Reset: The Man-Machine
8-Bit Operators

11:06 am
The Shins: Sealegs
Wincing The Night Away

Somewhere, Zack Braff is rejoicing. The alleged “life changing” band The Shins have returned with Wincing The Night Away, a follow-up to their massive hit album Chutes Too Narrow (2003). I have not really “absorbed” this album yet, but at first listen I did not, uhh, wince, so it shows promise. Not surprising, though, Wincing The Night Away is presently sitting pretty at No. 1 on the College Music Journal charts this week. Congratulations are thus in order for the Albuquerque, New Mexico quintent.

11:11 am
The Business: Get Out While You Can
Suburban Rebels

11:14 am
Hot Chip: Colours (DFA Remix)
Remixes and Rarities

11:21 am
Cezanne: I’ve Got So Much
Breaking Bats for Jesus

11:25 am
The Planets: Mafioso
Lost In Space

11:25 am
Damien Jurado: Hoquiam
And Now That I’m In Your Shadow

11:35 am
Math & Physics Club: April Showers
Math & Physics Club

11:37 am
Dean and Britta: Singer Sing
Back Numbers

If you are a Luna fan, Dean (Wareham) and Britta (Phillips) need no introduction, but here is one anyway: Dean and Britta’s new release (so new it won’t be released for another week, in fact) Back Numbers is so good I am contemplating adding an A to my name (um, hello, my name is Britt, stupid Internet). “As with L’Avventura and their work with Luna, Wareham and Phillips know how to tastefully cover other artists material both staying true to the original and equally giving it a life of its own. This feat is accomplished a couple of times on Back Numbers but no more eloquently than Britta Phillips take on Lee Hazelwood and Ann-Margret’s ‘You Turned My Head Around.'”

11:41 am
Andrew Bird: Lull
Weather Systems

11:48 am
The Storkes: Ask Me Anything
First Impressions of Earth

“Don’t be a coconut/God is tryin’ to talk to you” = best lyrics ever (sorry Lou Reed)

11:51 am
The Blow: True Affection
Paper Television

11:53 am
David Vandervelde: Wisdom from a Tree
The Moonstation House Band